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Are you tired of hearing crickets chirping during your conversation classes? Well, That’s Conversation! MiniEbooks are here to save the day!
These ten-page worksheets are filled with engaging speaking activities and exercises that will have your students speaking with confidence in no time.
All the worksheets are carefully crafted to introduce, revise, and activate grammar, vocabulary, and functional language, providing your students with a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond just conversation practice.
Each MiniEbook is focused on a specific topic or functional language and can cover between 90 to 180 minutes of a conversation course. Plus, I’ve included proper rubrics, teacher’s notes, and follow-up activities to make your life as a teacher a little bit easier.
So, let’s liven up your conversation classes with That’s Conversation! MiniEbooks and watch your students transform from hesitant speakers to confident communicators. It’s time to get chatty!